Good Morning Sunshine

‘But it’s raining.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to see that the sun is always shining behind the clouds?

‘But it’s cold.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to understand that exposure will strengthen your spirit?

‘But it’s a bother.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to learn that you won’t grow in your comfort zone?

‘But it’s not fair.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You to let go of self-victimization and not hide behind excuses?

‘But I am so angry.’
You say.
But could I sway;
You not to feed that wolf but nourish your soul?

Could I sway you,
Just a little bit,
To change your perspective,
For your own healing?


Beauty in being

And where love is, there is light
And where light is, there is healing

Bathed in love

Be whoever you want to
Be whatever you take hold of

In your heart
In your soul
In your mind
Just hold onto

Do a cartwheel
Dance around the house
Bake a cake
Snuggle your cat
Run 10k
Read a book
Punch a bag
Hike up a mountain
Draw a picture
Eat some chocolate

Live mercifully
Be mesmerized
See the beauty

Be warm
See the wonders
Love yourself

Be relentless

Live relentlessly

Relentlessly optimistic
Relentlessly happy

Give into your sadness with all your being
And let it run, run, down the river

Give into your joy with all your heart
Let your inner child embrace life again

Give into your anger with all your might
Let it rage until your knuckles bleed

Give into your love with all your Self
Let it grow, grow until it leaps onto others

Be relentless
In living this life of yours

Just one rule
Don’t destroy anyone else on the way

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