Summer is in full swing
Songbirds stage a rap battle at 4 a.m.
Sun breaks through the blinds half an hour later

Gentle breeze barely noticeable
Goosebumps ripple skin
Growling you stretch next to me

Ice cream Sundaes fruity heaven
Intoxicating smells where ever you are
Ivy vines meander over the rockery

Lazy lizards sunbathing
Lightning bugs like nervous lanterns
Lady Luna lonesome at night

I hear the crickets in the cooling grass
Memory of the day’s heat tangible
I look up into the endless dome
Cathedrals don’t need to be made of stone


Thoughts fickle as sand in the wind
Dance whilst eyes scan the horizon
The brain in a futile attempt tries to grasp infinity
In reality even the ocean in front of me can only be understood in knots and hours of flight

The come and go of waves
Being knocked over and over again
So much energy
So little to hold against

Another grain of sand
Memories of eons past
A dragon figure-head rocking up and down
Changing its background rhythmically

A gust of wind moves the sand
In summer my brain is on idle
It gently moves through stories
Be and let be
What else can you do?

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