Meandering Mind

My mind tumbles through the silence
The only noise
No cars
No planes

Even the birds are resting
Is everyone taken lunch time naps now?
Not even a lawn-mower
Which so viciously
Cut through the silence on Sunday

I had four coffees already
Yet tiredness becomes impossible to fight
Shall I sleep
Or do my one-a-day
Go out
Get moving
Keep moving

Keep living

Where did this come from
The living
Is movement life?
Is resting non-life?

Life on hold?

What’s wrong with a nap anyway?

A car cuts through the silence after all
But wind swallowed the noise
And is taking over
The roof beams creak
Quietly though
As if aching with age
But trying to hide it

I should wash my face
And then let the wind
Blow away the cobwebs
Of my meandering mind

In my own words

If I could
I would

In my own words

If you could hear
I would tell

In my own words

If you could feel empathy
I would make the effort

In my own words

If you actually could feel
Anything but hate

My words would be worthwhile

In my own words
Silence is what you hear

In my own words
Silence is what you feel

In my own words
Silence is what you fear

My silent words are worthwhile

Mind your Mind



Not even the birds
I hear my steps
My breath
And raindrops
Gently falling from saturated trees
Silver sheen
On bark and pine
Grey skies
Diamond droplets
My mind calms

I hold
Stand still
No more steps
Just the droplets
Still gentle
My mind calms

And raises from depths unknown
Pictures of inherited memory
I freeze
With pictures of wilder-beasts
Of teeth
Of claws
And threatening snarls

Archaic memories

No smells but earth and rain
No sounds but droplets
No feeling of being watched

I continue my walk
But still sing

mo ghile mear

Empty Space

IMG_20160926_113506Fathers’ Day—25 Years On

The hubbub of empty rooms
The hullabaloo of music gone bye
That unbearable rage of silence

Your shadow walking across the courtyard
An ethereal body chopping wood
The echo of your smell when I hugged you
The intangible sensation of your love

I am grown up now
The resonance of conversations
Reverberate in an empty space of my heart

25 years on
The empty space is quieter now
The echoes shallower
The excruciating sound of silence
Muted by life going on

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