All Edges

I am always all edges




Not fitting in

I am always all edges

Saying the wrong things

Too much

Too straight

No filter

I am always all edges

Strong colours

Strong bones

Strong mind

Strong willed

I am always fighting




But they are mostly dead now


I wish

For a little bit

For a day or so

I could just blend in

Be a chameleon

Pretend I know how to hack this life thing

You are not alone

This is to everyone whose life did not quite go as expected.
For everyone whose children left before them, whose parents passed before they had a chance to grow up, whose significant others are other than what’s expected, for everyone who suffers unseen because what happened should never have been.

For everyone who lives what’s expected of them because they are not brave enough to live their truth.

This is for everyone who sometimes feels lost.

You are not alone.

You are not unseen.

You are loved.

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