on a year well lived
tears cried
fears fought
things learned

people met
people left
people loved
people hugged

puppies cuddled
birds watched
flowers smelled
books read
poems written

people hated
people forgiven
me forgiven
boundaries set

bicycles ridden
mountains climbed
defeat admitted
overcoming planned

dances in kitchen
children’s smiles
football in the park
sticky fingers in my face

letting go of pain
letting go of anger
letting go of fear
embraced darkness until the light came through

defining purpose
for now
loving life
loving love
so much love

and this poem list
runs out
out of space for everything that has no words
but made this year so
dark, colourful, light, loving, difficult, challenging, optimistic, opportune, and utterly, completely, beautifully livable

thank you

Almost Over

2nd Advent
Another year
Quo vadis?

It makes me wonder why we parcel
Our life into little boxes of time

We feel our way from day to day
From week to week
Stopping only to give thanks when external factors require
Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries

These little boxes of time
An illusion of linearity
A second, a minute, an hour, a day
So we trap ourselves into the idea of a linear journey
The illusion of a goal … somewhere to be
‘To have finally made it’

Yet progression is not linear
Yesterday, I loved myself through space and time
Today I am undeserving of all my gifts
Tomorrow I might love myself again

And tomorrow this love will be a bit stronger
A bit deeper
A bit more forgiving
A bit more deserving
And maybe it will even be there the day after

But on Wednesday
On Wednesday I might be undeserving again
Or maybe
On Wednesday I will have found my truth

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