Outer Hebrides: Signs of Tenderness

I am people-watching

A boy wrapped in a thick towel
After an hour paying in freezing water

A young couple
Cuddling closely
Refusing to declare defeat against the evening’s chill

Two women
Like sisters
Spending time mostly in silence
With beers
Each a tent on their own

Little girl
Carrying sibbling piggyback down the sandy dunes
Siblings legs are too short

Elderly man
Alone cannot get his tend set up
Younger man walking over

There is hope
Always hope
Where love is
No matter what love looks like

Can you?

Can you tell me
Tell me about a time
About a time you were happy
Were happy being alive
Being alive in here and now?

And now can you tell me
Tell me of your love lost
Your love lost in this time since
Time since running through your fingers
Your fingers like water?

Like water you desperately tried drinking
Tried drinking that water of life
Water of life which is love
Is love or whisky
Whisky won?

Whisky won now your love is gone
Is gone like that time which passed
Which passed when you were happy
Were happy for ever

PS: the Gaelic term for whisky is uisge beatha, and means water of life

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