Ashore Again

New Horizons

A sailboat 
The wave folded over it

A sailboat
The seagull’s wing
In a close fly-by

Across the rolling waves
Offered by life 

Another day has passed
And I still float in Perpetuum
Just at the cusp of a breaking wave

There is stillness

On hold
For an entire moment

Until it all crashes ashore
Sharp stones cutting into the soles of my feet

Another wave folds over me
Pushing me further ashore
Onto soft sand
Gleaming white in the sun

Startled I look around
A new path emerges to blinking eyes
Leading over sand-dunes
Beyond which I cannot see

But the sailboat lies broken

Another wave
The boat washes into the sea

‘Okay then’, I think

Auf zu neuen Ufern

Temptress Calling

The surge has increased her urgency
Evening wind moves the waves inland

The temptress is rising as the tide rolls in
Anemones stretch their tentacles in anticipation

The sea hollers her enchantment so loudly the bagpipe sounds like a lullaby Drowned out by spume

The gentle tug of the moon tips the water-bowl
Splashing icy spray over my naked feet
There is no mop big enough

Tomorrow morning I will be able to walk across the sandbank again
For tonight I watch the moon rising
Feet in freezing brine

An owl hoots

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