Dream a Little Dream

She laid sprawled on the couch
A heap of fat
Her hatred a halo around her
Dark hair pooling over white pillows
A white blanket
Draped desperately

So clean
The blanket
The pillow

So black
The soul
The heart

Suddenly my friend jumped
Muddy boots from hiking
On top of the heap
Walking all over the blanket
Dirty footprints EVERYWHERE

Purity soiled
Who are we kidding

My friend laughed
Stomping her muddy foot prints all over

Until the heap moved
Trying to give chase
But became entangled in the white blanket

I have nothing to say

I have nothing to say 
That could sway you
I have nothing to say
You are able to hear
I have nothing to say
That would touch you
I have nothing to say
You could understand

You have nothing to hear
But your hatred
You have nothing to hear
But your spite
You have nothing to hear
But your darkness
You have nothing hear
That would give you respite

For years I try to find words
For years I try to understand
For years I try to empathize
But all I can speak of is darkness
But all that I can grasp his vile
But all I can feel is evil projectile vomiting of hate

When have you gotten so lost?

Outer Hebrides

The last two weeks were spend camping in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Whilst kayaking and walking there were many moments for reflections and insights, I am going to share in poetry and blog form. I am also really excited to share some of my experiments with you. Working with the environment we were in, I created a ‘Washed Away’ mini-series around themes that follow abuse, such as shame, and fear. And another one focusing on taking a closer look. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the images and sounds, and laugh, cry and think with me as usual.

view from my kayak

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