So my friends today nature gave me this image of two fallen trees. One without roots who died and one with roots who, although wonky, still strives.

Two fallen trees
Two fallen trees

Know thy roots
Know them well
If the storm of life throws you back into yourself
You have somewhere to go
Somewhere to hold onto
An anchor through space and time
If the direct line is pain
Go further back
Keep going until you meet the light
Somewhere along the roots there is light always
If you don’t know your roots
If life has displaced you from them
Listen carefully
They are there within
Maybe you were given new roots

Either way

Find them
So the storm won’t break you


I am the sole bearer of my guidon

No other has the same colours

‘Each Man is an island.’

You say.

‘But the ocean connects you all.’

‘Wee dafty!’

I am walking alone lost in time and space
On the quest for my story

A voice from the wilderness calls
An echo rises from deep within
Answering the call
And the voice stops
No more echo pilot home

Home within
Home outwith

Can you ever truly arrive?
Isn’t the point the journey?

‘I am an island’
You insist.
‘Then why do you hold a paddle?’

Binge watching ‘Dark’ on Netflix was probably not a good idea.

Outer Hebrides: Relenting (first draft)

The kayak moves in rhythm with the waves
We are far out of the bay
As we paused to sort the fishing lines
The swell became stronger
Pushing us out even further

I do not like this
I do not like relenting control of my kayak

Letting go

However, control is an illusion
The water pushes me on steadily
I can steer a little
Keep direction
But when a rogue wave hits
I have to let go
I have to relent
Otherwise the kayak topples over

We can but put some safe-guards in place
Life jackets, wet suits, throw ropes
Emergency whistle, knife
But life has its own mind
And often our direction changes
Without much choice
So there is nothing left
But to let the water carry you
Where ever it seems fit


Beauty in being

And where love is, there is light
And where light is, there is healing

Bathed in love

Be whoever you want to
Be whatever you take hold of

In your heart
In your soul
In your mind
Just hold onto

Do a cartwheel
Dance around the house
Bake a cake
Snuggle your cat
Run 10k
Read a book
Punch a bag
Hike up a mountain
Draw a picture
Eat some chocolate

Live mercifully
Be mesmerized
See the beauty

Be warm
See the wonders
Love yourself



 Transition into sleep
Waking up eyes sticky
Moving through the day
As if I owned it
Transitions—in and out
Of awareness
At night
At day
Transitioning into togetherness
After breaking free
Not so much transition
More elemental force
Breaking free
Thrown together
Liminal spaces
In between
The hours, the days, the weeks
In between all of us
Are we seeking to arrive?


Be relentless

Live relentlessly

Relentlessly optimistic
Relentlessly happy

Give into your sadness with all your being
And let it run, run, down the river

Give into your joy with all your heart
Let your inner child embrace life again

Give into your anger with all your might
Let it rage until your knuckles bleed

Give into your love with all your Self
Let it grow, grow until it leaps onto others

Be relentless
In living this life of yours

Just one rule
Don’t destroy anyone else on the way

What is a meaningful life?

You meant well?
I mean what I say?
But a mean streak
Works just as well?

Meaningful engagement?
The means to an end?
What does it mean?
What do I mean?

I mean to you?
I mean to myself?
My life means to me?

Just a finite pearlstring
Of events my brain categorises
Into a meaningful story?

But is it meaningful?
This story of mine?
These random encounters
Carefully planned?

And I am simply the narrator?
Maybe not so simple after all?
The narrator creates reality

Without the storyteller
The pearls would tumble through space and time

I tell my life into being

In a teaching observation the person I observed was introducing free will and categories of determinism to the class. So I tried playing with the ideas.

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