All Edges

I am always all edges




Not fitting in

I am always all edges

Saying the wrong things

Too much

Too straight

No filter


I am always all edges

Strong colours

Strong bones

Strong mind

Strong willed

I am always fighting




But they are mostly dead now


I wish

For a little bit

For a day or so

I could just blend in

Be a chameleon

Pretend I know how to hack this life thing

You Can

You can know yourself

Like the back of your hand

You can love yourself

With all your might

You can shine a light

Into the dark corners of your soul

While holding a poker

–Just in case

You can forgive

So generously

As if your life depended on it

–It just might

You can kick

Your own backside

Gently but assertive

–When needs be

You can stand tall

Within yourself

With pride and humility

And serve


You cannot

You cannot cross the same river twice

You cannot go back to change regrets

You cannot predict where tomorrow carries you

You cannot know then what you know now

You cannot sing an unwritten song

You cannot feel when you are numb

You cannot hear over the noise in your mind

You cannot see what’s right in front of you

You cannot fix what’s meant to break

You cannot heal without looking in the mirror

You cannot run from yourself

You cannot flee your past either

You cannot do what you can’t

But can you do

What you can?

Can you be you?

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