A Proxy for War

She was stuck.
All her campaigns at stale mate.
Her soldiers out of steam.
But she had to, had to win the war,
Against a projection of evil.
A fog in her brain.
Trauma telling her a story that didn’t exist.

I need to win. I need control

Suddenly, a new face appeared at the sidelines.
A warrioress unaware of the dire Greed for power and control in the centre of the battlefield.
The Greed honed her focus on the warrioress.

She is my next campaign. Surely with her I shall win the war!

‘Hey fuckin’ lassie. Come over here.’
   ‘What do you want? This war is not mine to fight. This greed is not mine to satisfy.’
‘I don’t fuckin’ care. I need u to win the war. Wot do I care about u or any1 else? See the evil fog over there? I’ve been fighting him for years.’
   ‘You mean the trail of fog that comes out of your ears and mouth and creates the shape of a monster?’
‘Wot u fuckin’ talkin’ about lassie? The monster is real! It’s the cause of all evil!’ Greed screamed on top of her lungs. And with that scream she jumped the warrioress and threw her into the gaping mouth of the fog monster.
‘U will win ma war fuckin’ lassie.’

But the warrioress just turned around. She faced the monster. Hand resting gently on top of the kashira. Her trusted katana remained sheathed. ‘I am not your proxy for war. This battle is your own delusion.’ And with a toothy smile she greeted the fog monster. ‘I greet thee chimera of Greed. Now show thy true face oh monster mine.’
And out of the fog stepped a lion. His gracious mane covering a scared face. Battle wounds, now scars on his massive muscles. He grinned back. Even more teeth.
‘Why are you hiding in Greed’s figment of a fog monster?’
‘Easy,’ he said. ‘As long as she fights herself Greed will always lose the war.’
‘But you could have easily won the war against Greed. So now what?’
‘I break free.’
‘What about the fog monster? The chimera?’
‘She will destroy herself.’

Fallen Angels

Protect the Light!
The only mission
I lost the fiery sword
Dropped during the fall
Luckily the shield was strapped across my back

They were everywhere
No place to hide
I had slain monsters so vile
The ancient Greeks would be shocked
I looked into the abyss
I looked into your soul
It was the same darkness
So I turned around to face the light to save the sun

But they were everywhere
So I swallowed the sun
For years it burned me from the inside
Too much of its life-giving power destroys
It’s save to let it go now
Shine sun
Shine light
Light becomes love

And so we heal
And others


She is seeing red
Through wild eyes
Movement entirely on instinct
There is only exhilaration

The smell of blood, metal, leather, wool, sweat
Clunk she blocks with her shield
Not a single thought enters

Twist, slash
Clunk another blow against her shield
She gives into the rage
Feeling her chest expand in joy
Her sword stabs into something soft

Pull: in a world of red
She feels herself laugh
Senses on high alert
As she rams her elbow into someone
Something cracks loudly

She doubles the blow with her shield
Excited by her own strength
The dance slows down
We won: her first thought
Her smile growing wider

As the pulse slows down
She begins to feel warmth running down her arm
Blood from a cut, there are more
The pain is yet to come

He runs towards her
White teeth gleaming in a grimy face
Blood encrusted, a cut on his leg
He’ll have to sew these breeches

Another thought before she is lifted up
And they kiss
Wild passion amidst the blood and sand
As he enters her senses explode

She wraps her legs tightly around him
Holding him close
The bloodlust still whirring in her ears


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