I am me
Somewhere deep down
Like snowdrops
Green growth tries to break through layers of frozen can’ts

My stomach churns
The planted bulbs want to break free
And there is not enough space within me
For all that growth

I will have to become bigger
I will have to become more
I will have to become stronger
I will have to become me
I will have to heal

I forgive myself through space and time
I am fallen
I have landed
I have lost my sword
I yield my shield
I have fallen
Eons ago
I have fallen
Without worth
I have fallen

But never was lost
Never was unseen
Never did not belong

I was fallen
To come home


Like a cloak wrapped around me
To protect from your evil eye

White down
No sparkles
Edges a bit darkened from use

I feel the tug of their weight
On my back

My penance is over
I belong
I am home
I am strong
I am not alone

Their span is huge

A fragment of a second
Quantum jump
From penance
To acceptance

And suddenly there was their weight

My fiery sword lost for eons
Gleaming as if I just polished it

My voice ringing through time and space

Do you hear me?

Fallen Angels

Protect the Light!
The only mission
I lost the fiery sword
Dropped during the fall
Luckily the shield was strapped across my back

They were everywhere
No place to hide
I had slain monsters so vile
The ancient Greeks would be shocked
I looked into the abyss
I looked into your soul
It was the same darkness
So I turned around to face the light to save the sun

But they were everywhere
So I swallowed the sun
For years it burned me from the inside
Too much of its life-giving power destroys
It’s save to let it go now
Shine sun
Shine light
Light becomes love

And so we heal
And others

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