Transition into sleep
Waking up eyes sticky
Moving through the day
As if I owned it
Transitions—in and out
Of awareness
At night
At day
Transitioning into togetherness
After breaking free
Not so much transition
More elemental force
Breaking free
Thrown together
Liminal spaces
In between
The hours, the days, the weeks
In between all of us
Are we seeking to arrive?


Your Hate

Your Hate is an empty echo
You scream it into the voids of the virtual realm
It shows shallow understanding:
Of yourself, your behaviour, your ignorance,
Your manipulation, your anger, your violence

Your Hate does not reach me
No matter how hard you try
Because it aims at a person—a version you created of me—that does not exist
Your Hate attacks a projection of your own pain—not me
Yet you cannot see this

Because Your Hate
Red mist—even after such a long time
Clouds your judgement
Of your self
Of others—not just me
Others you have wronged with misdirected hate
Others you have wronged with victimizing yourself
Silent Atonement I had to exercise for believing your smokescreen of hate

And so I prayed
And lid candles
I asked for your soul to be saved
But you need to want saving
And you don’t
Because being saved
Is painful
Is easy

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