The Kraken 02

The Kraken Awakes Again

Angry she opens her eyes.
Emerging from the darkest depths of the deepest ocean
They have committed sins again
Hundreds of precious lights
Expunged by the abyss

But she will have her revenge.
Most of the perpetrators
The wretched servants of puke
Are now in the liminal space between life and death
Her hunting ground
Her primal scream releases a storm surge

Their souls will be hers
They will be annihilated
Smithereens of nothingness dissolved in darkness
You shall not pass
There is nothing left
No passing on
No coming back
You may not cross
Just sinking into oblivion
Into the darkest depths of the deepest ocean


More peaceful she sinks back into her realm
The hunt was successful

The Kraken 01

The Kraken or Cries of Despair

I am like the wild wild sea
Gently tumbling ashore
When the mood carries me

Spouting fume in rage
When I see injustice

Calm and silent, a mirror of heaven
When ire or pain are too deep

Dancing sunlight diamonds
When fully content

Seagulls bobbing on top of my gentle billows

But then I open depths unknown
And release the Kraken
Massive tentacles pull in black hearts
Suction cups sticking to mawkit souls
You cannot escape; the Kraken always wins
Go into the fire; go into the ice
You have failed, failed so horribly

Peccant failure, so vile
That nothing is left but destruction
There is no mercy
Once the Kraken gets you

Peaceful the void closes now
Folds over the Kraken
Who drags the black hearts and mawkit souls
Into oblivion
No escape
The water mirrors heaven
I move my waves so the dolphins can play in the surf

There is peace now

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