Halloween echoes

Maple Bottom in Alps, Austria

A de ja vu
Crisp morning air
In August
Yellow leaves on the ground

Fast forward
Into September
Mist creates diamond droplets
Spiderwebs bejeweled our garden

The end of October is nigh
Halloween anticipation runs high
Dark times are coming
Stories be told
Of heroines and evil millenia old

The witches are flying
Their besoms knarly
Guardians of wisdom
Custodians of healing

The strong ones
The silent
The loud
The unseen
The ones dressed in black
The ones dressed in green

Come sisters join me
In journeys unknown
Across the darkened sky
A song on hollowed bone

Not a single verse of this poem actually works with the rhythm of the others. A bit like the leaves tumbling down all different shades and shapes and stages of decay. So this is probably more a random tumbling of thoughts. I also wrote this over three months August, September, October.

Wind’s Messages


Come brother wind
Dance with me
Show me the stories
Of foreign lands

Come brother wind
Sing to me
Bring me the songs
Of times gone by

Come brother wind
Speak to me
Tell me the poems
Of broken hearts

Come brother wind
Tousle my hair
Whisper to me
Of love in waiting

Come brother wind
Cover me
With golden leaves
Strewn by you

Come brother wind
Bring with you
The smell of autumn
Expectation of change

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