Breaking Free

Imagine a time, somewhere, somewhen.
Just a time, eons ago.
Centuries ago. Life times ago.
Like groundhog day. Over and over again.
That time.

Imagine a place, somewhere, somewhen.
Here and there, and no where at all.
The place doesn’t really matter.
Still groundhog day. Over and over again.
In each place.

And every time, there was hurt.
And every time, there was pain.
And every time, there was ignorance, violation, disrespect.
You unlearned love.
You build another wall around the black walls of the box.
You unlearned self-love.
You learned self-loathing.

Imagine all the times, through eons, in places unknown.
Imagine all the times, the soul learned to hate itself.

Now enter.
And break free.
The shackles of self-hatred.

Now enter.
And tell the soul.
Of it’s worth.

The capstones are smashing the walls.
Layer by layer by layer.
The wings might grow back after all.
Love is freedom that soars.
Forgiveness is Self-love.

Trying something new here. This is the reading of my poem.
Quality is a bit iffy and need to work on the performance—take
it as an experiment.

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