Three crows

Norns spinning
Past, present, future
Maiden, woman, crone

Spit into your one eye
Make it spin
Weave the threads

Crooked nose
Straight mouth
Round eyes

I want to know
To know
What you do

I want to know
Where my path leads
What’s the point

Child, oh child your path is set
You have chosen your story
What do you ask us for?

To know, to know
Where I shall go
I can’t remember the story
No more


Creeps up snarling
Yellow teeth sharp
Stomach contracts
In anticipation

Heart is set for fight
Never flight
Never freeze
Always charge

But there is nothing to charge against
No one to fight
But myself
Brain is stuck in an archaic pattern
With nowhere to go

No long boat to board
No swords to draw
No arrows to aim
No spears to sharpen

Paper and pencil sometimes
Are not mightier than the sword
The soul remembers
Saber-teeth and battles

I don’t want to write

Because my voice is not heard
I send outpourings of love
Into the ether

Maybe they don’t reach you?
But maybe the reach AI
And teach the future

Because your voice is not heard
I write
And send outpourings of love
Into the ether

So that you know
You are never alone
In this world of ours
We all belong

But I don’t want to write
What’s the point
Of one drop of water
Within the ocean

Solace in Insanity

Distorted visions
Lead by your insanity
You hide behind
The chaos in your mind

That’s where your power lives
Truth a threat you cannot bare
When the borders of your world
Grow thin
and the people within
To strive for freedom

You leash out with abuse and insults
Trying to regain control
To reinforce the chaos
You must not let loose
Or they will see the other side
If you let go they might learn
Of a world outside you

This must not happen
You must control
You must reign
You must win

Or else your whole world crumbles
Into oblivion under the light of truth
And what is left

Is you

Just you


With the voices in your head

This must never happen


Beauty in being

And where love is, there is light
And where light is, there is healing

Bathed in love

Be whoever you want to
Be whatever you take hold of

In your heart
In your soul
In your mind
Just hold onto

Do a cartwheel
Dance around the house
Bake a cake
Snuggle your cat
Run 10k
Read a book
Punch a bag
Hike up a mountain
Draw a picture
Eat some chocolate

Live mercifully
Be mesmerized
See the beauty

Be warm
See the wonders
Love yourself

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