When you feel like a fraud because you can’t just:

Just answer that email
Just take that call
Just hear what he is saying
Just remember what she just asked you to do
Just not cry before a meeting
Just call customer service
Just not feel as if you are making it up
Just not feel helpless
Just pay the bills
Just not forget lunch in the fridge for weeks
Just not have burning skin because of too much

Just not be muddled
Just not be messy
Just not be moody

Just not have a rotten banana in your backpack since before Christmas
Just not have an anxiety attack in a meeting

Just be normal?
Be normal!
Be normal!

Not feel like a drama queen
Not feel as if you are constantly asking for things others don’t need
Not be so emotional ALL THE TIME
Not question your sanity after trying to scan your staff card at the water cooler
Not have brain fog
Not have ALL the emotions

Did I mention the emotions?

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