Sea Haar
Wrapping his damp arms around me as a morning greeting

Legs in cold wind
Summers in Britain mean I am wearing a winter strength wet suit

Still my naked toes are in flip-flops
I insist on summer

I am scared of the deep dark blue
Even the striking white tiaras gushing ashore
Can’t help to soothe my fear

So I triple check that the lead of the surfboard
Is securely attached to my ankle

It’s time to work on my floppy baby seal move again
One of my feet always gets stuck

I am frustrated
Fighting the elements, my fear, and my body

Your strength and flexibility are there
Just your foot

We walk around the bay
The sun breaks through

The foreboding colours turn friendly
And suddenly both feed are on the board and I rush towards the beach

I am so surprised
I tumble into the water

The guys’ happy shouts
Are louder than the surf

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