Dear Bum

Body Image Recovery

I wield a sizable bum
As shapely and wide as they come
With a wiggle of my hip
I make the scales tip
Bringing down, without a frown
The most obnoxious clown

Another of my woes
My chubby Hobbit toes
Adorning wide-ish Hobbit feet
Which never miss a beat
Stepping, tapping, moving to gigs
Bringing along the aforementioned hips

If you want to look close
There is my Romanesque nose
Thanks to the brute
I will never look cute
But if I am ever out of a job
I could work as drug-sniffing dog

Now genetics are mostly to blame
For cellulite and varicose veins
I got nothing here to address this matter
Though without my veins and skin I would certainly not be better

Therefore, I must conclude:
Dear hips, toes and brute
You have served me well so far
Despite not hitting the bar
We dance, hike, smell, jump and run
And have a heck lot of fun

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