Layers of Trust

“Ogres are like onions”

Do you remember Shrek I?

People are like onions, too.
So people are like ogres?
Or ogres are like people?
Who knows which way the fallacy goes?

The first layer, is the easy one.
A wry smile.
A cheeky glint in your eyes.
The way you hold yourself.

The second layer, is easy still.
A touch.
A gesture.
Words that fit.

The third layer.
More difficult.
Stories as puzzle pieces,
That form a you.

The fourth layer.
Another brick wall.
Will it tumble?

The fifth layer
And after that
It’s all about risk mitigation.

Your story of me
My story of myself
My story of you
Your story of yourself

Will the stories ever meet?
Or will your story about me
And my story about you
Just keep changing our respective selves

At which point
Do we part?
For part we must

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