She is seeing red
Through wild eyes
Movement entirely on instinct
There is only exhilaration

The smell of blood, metal, leather, wool, sweat
Clunk she blocks with her shield
Not a single thought enters

Twist, slash
Clunk another blow against her shield
She gives into the rage
Feeling her chest expand in joy
Her sword stabs into something soft

Pull: in a world of red
She feels herself laugh
Senses on high alert
As she rams her elbow into someone
Something cracks loudly

She doubles the blow with her shield
Excited by her own strength
The dance slows down
We won: her first thought
Her smile growing wider

As the pulse slows down
She begins to feel warmth running down her arm
Blood from a cut, there are more
The pain is yet to come

He runs towards her
White teeth gleaming in a grimy face
Blood encrusted, a cut on his leg
He’ll have to sew these breeches

Another thought before she is lifted up
And they kiss
Wild passion amidst the blood and sand
As he enters her senses explode

She wraps her legs tightly around him
Holding him close
The bloodlust still whirring in her ears


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