Yellow Brick Road 01


All I see is a brick wall
No hidden door

The wall is you
Not talking
Not sharing
But I see your love for me

I know not where the path goes
Yellow bricks would be brighter
The tin man’s heart is huge
Or was it the lion?

Straw sticks out my ears,
As I stare at the wall.
There isn’t even somewhere to turn to.
And I won’t go back.

So, I stare at the wall, growing roots.
While home is within me.

When I look up my roots have wrought branches, thorns, and leaves.
A shower of rose pedals covers me.
Does this mean I have to wait another hundred years?
The red bricks shimmer through the greenery.

I move my feet, I have strong roots.
I have old roots. Very old.
How long have I been standing here?

I move my feet.
And everything comes tumbling down.

The dust settles
Yellow bricks are so much brighter.
Sun shines on the road.

You hold my hand.

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