Fire Dance

He shook his wet fur.

The drums slowly began to irritate him.

Again, and again a deep hollow sound, trying to force him into dance. But all the bear wanted was sleep. Why would the drums not leave him be?

Because this part of your journey just began.

Suddenly he saw her. Silver-grey fur shimmered in the light of the fire. Amber eyes fixed on him, as if she wanted to take in every single hair of his fur. He shook his massive head. His soul felt strangely exposed. He sneezed.

Around the fire, full of energy, so fast, so smooth, and suddenly she was close, too close. He growled, his massive body tense, but she was already gone again.

‘No! stay!’

He wanted her to stay. He wanted to nuzzle her fur, feel her warmth.

But the dance! The dance was too much.

There she was again.

And gone.

Silver and grey flashes passed his vision.

Slowly, very slowly he began to move. The rhythm carrying him after all.

He just needed to dance.

The drums took over.

The journey began.

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